About Us

Our Promise

Honesty, Loyalty and Quality is what our company is build on. We feel that you must encompass all to be successful. We stand behind our work and want the best for our clients and their clients. We promise to always work for you and provide the best service. We mean it when we say, KEEP LIVING SIMPLE, WE'LL DO THE WORRYING.

Kenya Spells » Property Manager
Kenya Spells, a native of Indiana, has been intrigued with real estate from a young age. She would always ask her parents to tour model homes in apartment communities and new construction alike. Kenya’s love for real estate continued into her collegiate years where she decided to major in the field. Kenya studied Residential Property Management at Ball State University and later became a licensed Managing Broker through the state of Indiana. After many years of working for big time investment companies, Kenya started KLS Real Estate Group LLC. Kenya’s goal in starting KLS is to provide everyone, client and renter, with a personal experience all their own. Kenya currently lives in Indianapolis where she enjoys engaging in the many events and culture of the city.
Nicole Lott » Marketing
Nicole Lott was born and raised in Indiana. Nicole developed a fascination for marketing during the social media era where she began to immerse herself in techniques used for marketing. As an Indiana University alumni with over 15 years of experience she specializes in brand management and content creation. Nicole enjoys traveling and spending time exploring.